Gaming in my Coonoor trip

Had been to Coonoor with Varadarajan and Venkatesh. While Varadarajan has been fairly regular in gaming at home, Venkatesh was a recent convert on my US trip. So this was a good chance to get some gaming done. I had packed about 5 games with a mix of new and familiar. There were some hiccups because of power shortage. Our Sunday night session was a disaster. Though we did manage to get in some games of For Sale in candlelight! We also played Coloretto and Through the Desert. Venkatesh liked the latter a lot. Varadajan plays Coloretto well and won most of the games, while Venkatesh and me were tied in Through the Desert.

The next day we again gamed on the train journey. I managed to introduce Modern Art and won a very close game over Varadarajan. Venkatesh could not get the game very well, with the train not exactly comfortable for it.

I had also taken Corsari with me. After a preliminary reading of the rules I found that the train and the game itself may not be most conducive. So I kept it aside for a 2 player game with aarthi later at home.


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