Top 15 games played in 2005

The first calender year in boardgaming was 2005. Here is a list of the top 15 games that I have played with respective no of plays. Of course I tried my best to log my plays on BGG and then got the stats. May have missed a few plays also I think.

Cartagena – 45 plays – Our favorite 2 player game. I just keep winning against Aarthi ( one of the few games where I hold the upperhand!) and so she keeps calling me for a play regularly. Probably accounts for the high no of plays. Nice and simple racing game with an interesting mechanic of going back to pick up cards to go forward. This is a slight modification of the Hare & Tortoise mechanic where u go back to a tortoise swuare to pick up carrots to go forward.

Hare and Tortoise – 43 plays – Was easily the house favorite. Played with atleast 10 different people and they all loved it. Aarthi is still the house champion. I got the old Gibsons games edition on ebay from the UK. It is a much better edition than the current one which brought down the game board size and cluttered it up a bit. Another classic race game. Though posters on BGG think the game has been cracked we really enjoy the game.

Coloretto – 34 plays – My first eurogame purchase! Got it on auction from ebay. Wonderful little card game that was very popular until the bigger games entered the house. I really like the simple elegance of the design and with 3 players it can be a strategically engaging game.

That's Life! – 21 plays – I sourced this from Germany (It is called Verflixxt!) mainly because I read somewhere that Klaus Teuber (he gave us Settlers and so many other superb games) liked this game. A roll and move game that is simple and engaging. We even taught to my parents in law and they enjoyed the game a lot.

Ticket to Ride – 21 plays – My first 'hit' game purchase. Great great game. One of the best intros to euro gaming. Recently I introduced it to a couple of families in the US and they immediately went out and bought a copy! Some of us prefer this to the TTR europe actually.

Bohnanza – 20 plays – Simple and nice card game. ws looking for some sub 20$ games to get when a friend was coming down from the states and got this. We have actually played a lot of 2 player games and enjoyed it. Shreyasi loves the game.

Mystery Rummy: Jack the Ripper – 19 plays – Favorite 2 player game. A bit of a learning curve required but after it settles in it is great.

Carcassonne – 15 plays – Highly rated, very popular but not entirely to my liking. I like the Hunters & gatherers version better though.

San Juan – 15 plays – Poor man's Puerto rico as we saw it then. Have played only 2 player games and really really liked it until I got Puerto rico recently and realised what we had missed!

Schildkroetenrennen – 15 plays – Reiner Knizia – superstar game designer – and a children's game that we can all play at home.

ZERTZ – 15 plays – Wanted to get a feel of the GIPF project. Good 2 player abstract.

Löwenherz – 14 plays – Another house favorite 3 player game that I play with aarthi and Shreyasi a lot. Got it real cheap on a Canadian ebay auction.

Samurai – 14 plays – Early favorite but has petered down a bit of late.

Loopin' Louie – 13 plays – Found this here in Chennai and realised it is highly rated and very enjoyable. Sushanth plays it realy well.

Citadels – 12 plays – Have a German edition and have to struggle thru a bit with translations. But Shreyasi is the house champion here. Nice enjoyable game.


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